A renovation can bring new life to your current home.

Whether you have a project in mind as grand as a home addition or would just like a facelift to one of the rooms in your home, Fortress Homes and Renovations can help. Our professional team will not only strive to ensure that we provide the results you are looking for, but that the renovation process moves quickly and smoothly to minimize any disruption to your home.

To that end, Fortress will carefully plan and prepare for the project with you as well as advise you of any foreseeable issues that could arise in any renovation to ensure there are as few surprises as possible and any such obstacles can be navigated swiftly.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Take full advantage of your summer with an outdoor living space. A new patio, deck, outdoor fireplaces or kitchen can help you enjoy your backyard and some fresh air a little more comfortably.


A basement development can add significant usable space to your home for a relatively small investment. At an average cost of 1/3 to ½ the cost per square foot of the rest of your home a basement development is also the affordable way to add extra living space.

Are You Ready for a Renovation?